Nail Spa Home Service (Salon For Nails)


Our Acrylic Nail Extensions are strong, glossy, and durable. All the procedures are painless. We repair, refill and remove them. We make sure your Acrylic Extensions appear amazing and glamorous. We are perfect solution for people looking for salon for nails or nails service

Our Acrylic Nail Extensions are strong, glossy, and durable. All the procedures are painless. We repair, refill and remove them. We make sure your Acrylic Extensions appear amazing and glamorous. We promise it’ll be a smooth experience that just ends up looking really good in your pocket. It also helps them seem more realistic than complete acrylic nails, and less rigid.

The most famous is acrylic artificial nails which are added by combining polymer powder with monomer liquid. This combination requires about 15 minutes to completely harden. Every treatment, for instance acetone, is useful for its elimination.

Pamper and indulge yourself in Dubai’s Best Nail extensions services in the comfort of your own home or hotel. Our extensive range of nail salon services are designed to promote the beauty of your nails whilst transforming your hands & feet. Whether you are seeking an indulgent mani-pedi, gelish mani-pedi, a classic or a gelish polish change, acrylic nail extensions salon, gel nail extensions  or an intensive paraffin treatment for your hands and feet, we have it all.

Our nail technicians are experts in transforming your nails to your desired shape and length using the latest techniques in the acrylic or fake nail extensions in Dubai. Get healthier & stronger nails with our gel nail extensions or acrylic nail tip extensions & a nail shape that suits your fingers. Top it off with some nail art to have a unique design on your nails.

We are specialized in gel refill & acrylic refill, gel overlay & acrylic overlay, gel nail repair, acrylic nail repair, buff and shine nail extensions, fake nails application and more leaving you with perfect looking nails.

Why should Nboutique be Your Preferred Nail Spa and Salon in Dubai?


If you are living in Dubai and having a busy lifestyle it’s harder to get time to go into a nail salon and wait in the queue to book an appointment. But taking care of your nails is something very essential for your beauty. Meanwhile, your nails get discolored and break off. That’s why NBoutique Home Beauty Salon Service came up with the perfect solution for you. You don’t need to go to the salon. Our Technicians visit our clients and provide Nail Spa and Beauty services.


Our Technicians are trained and experts who are always ready to give you the best nail salon experience every time in Dubai. We understand the need to feel beautiful from all around. Our Mobile Spa Service will be a big advantage for your busy life. You deserve to look like the most beautiful girl or woman in Dubai. Book us today to get Nail Salon Service and Nail Spa at your home comfort. We handle with super professionalism and caution to our clients desired beauty.

We are motivated to make you feel radiant and glamorous through cutting, trimming and buffering your nails with the soothing style. We are just one call away to give you Nail Salon Services at your home. We also provide Facial, Eyelash Extensions, Spray Tan, Waxing, Massage, Hair Color & Hairstyle Book us today!

All You Need to Know Before Having Nail Extension Service at salon for nails.


Acrylic Nails : – Acrylic Nailsfake nailsplastic nailsfalse nails, or gel nail extensions are made from mixture of different materials with base of poly methyl methacrylate acrylic (PMMA). These fake nails were invented in late 1954 by Mr. Fred Slack. Nail extensions are getting in high demand now a days as every body loves long and shaped nails and it is difficult to have and maintain such natural nails. Acrylic nail extensions have yet not shown any side effect on any one. These nails are safe to use and sheds with regular growth of nails.

Preparation for getting Acrylic nails :
Before getting such beautiful nail extensions, one should also prepare and study about them. If one has weak or brittle nails then, one should get treatment for healthy nails. Optimal health is very important for natural health if you are planning to get fake or acrylic nails.

choosing best products at salon for nails: – choosing type of fake nails is difficult job specially when it is your first time. There are 4 types of Acrylic nails available in market

  • Gel nails
  • Acrylic Nails
  • Sculpted nails
  • wrap nails.
  • Ombre acrylic nails
  • almond acrylic nails

As with other products these also have there own strengths and weaknesses. All these give great results specially when mixed with different type of manicure pedicure services.

Selecting best technicians and instruments : – Expert technicians are very important for fake acrylic extensions. One should never try to put these nails without any expert advice. Try hiring best acrylic extensions technician with great hand on all important instruments for great result.

Selecting right type of manicure and pedicure : – Now a days, There are many type of manicure and pedicure service available in market. Starting from regular mani pedi to classic and gel manicure pedicure, there are many choices and brands which are available with Nboutique. One can choose for nail service at home with any type of manicure and pedicure.

Getting best shape and length : – After selecting type of Acrylic nails one should select shape and length of Nails. if you are looking for long fake nails or kiss fake nails then select shape and length after discussing with your technicians. Long acrylic fake nails give great looks to hands and last for 3 to 4 weeks.

After care:
After getting shinning, glittering and best acrylic nail extensions it is very important to maintain them. One can go for Acrylic nail repair at home by Nboutique beauty on demand if there is any type of nail repair or maintenance required.

Our Special Acrylic Nail Extension and Enhancement Service has become our speciality  among nail service Dubai Customers. We have many customers with fruitful results in Nail Extension and Enhancement. Try our Acrylic Nail service Dubai at your door step by Nboutique beauty on demand professionals TODAY.